Static Landing Page Website

Let’s face it – sometimes you don’t need very much website. Wealthfront Invite is a one-screen affiliate landing page which directs customers to With only one button on the page it is easy to channel the visitor to the proper destination.

Our first iteration of the site was more involved – there was a slider with images and messages, several pages with additional information, and more buttons. We received feedback that the site was overkill for the simple message it needed to convey: “This is an affiliate site. You’re here because you’re looking for an affiliate code which will give you a better deal. Click the button to get it.”

It was the change in direction from “come here to compare and learn about different products” to “you’re searching for an affiliate code, here it is” that prompted the simplified approach. The domain name,, naturally ranks highly in Google and is the exact phrase people will be searching for.